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Time:10~12 may, 2013              Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center


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About CMPE

China (Guangzhou) Food Machinery & Packaging Exhibition (CMPE), was born under the background of promoting food industry’s growth, and motivating food safety. It is associated with the top one exhibition China International Foodstuff (Guangzhou) Exposition, which is capable to make it more successful.

In 2012, China National Food Industry output will reach CNY 29,000 billion, an average annual growth of about 8%, of which total output value of the food industry in Guangdong Province will reach CNY 280 billion, an average annual growth of about 12%.With China's emphasis on the construction of "four projects" (relieved food, green food, functional food and specialty food project) and "nine bases"(meat processing, convenient foods and functional food , beverage manufacturing, aquatic food processing, processing and storage of fruit and vegetable, seasoning production, sugar refining, baking and sugar products, food additives base) for food industry development, and efforts to promote the modernization and upgrade of the traditional food industry, food machinery and packaging equipment demand will be further expanded.

CMPE 2013
Date: May 10 ~12, 2013
Venue:Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center, China
Moving in: 8th -9th, May 2013
Exhibition Date: 10th ~12th, May 2013
Deadline of Registration for oversea exhibits: 1st, March. 2013
Deadline of Registration for domestic exhibits: 1st, April. 2013
Deadline of Submission of Transportation Documents for Overseas Exhibits: 15th, March. 2013

China - The Largest Market Demand Country of Food Machinery & Packaging
At present, China food and packaging machinery industry gross industrial output value amounted to 148.4 billion Yuan, an increase of 17.59%, slightly higher than the machinery industry rose 16.1%, where the food machinery was 75.68 billion Yuan, an increase of 2.77%, packaging machinery of 72.72 billion Yuan, an increase of 29.89%. In China food and packaging machinery industry, the import and export volume amounted to 4.174 billion Yuan, which exports amounted to 1.468 billion Yuan, and imports amounted to 2.706 billion Yuan.

Market-driven industry, industry-promoted exhibition, food industrial output value reached 2.5 trillion Yuan in China, with an average annual growth rate of about 8%, the industry has shown rapid development tendency, becoming the fastest-growing of national economy, one of the most dynamic industries. But China's current food processing and packaging machinery, the technology and quality can not meet the development needs of industry, only 25% of the enterprises for technical upgrading to get transformation and introduction, 75% still in the hand backward and semi-mechanized process, urgently need to introduce advanced technology and equipment, 80 years while the introduction of the first high tide of imports of equipment have mostly obsolete equipment, need to update a large number of high quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery. 2012, the second year of Twelve-Five planning in China, under the sustainable development of China's macro-system, the enterprises should take advantage of seizing the opportunity, to improve the design and standardization of scientific research, to breakthrough of independent innovation, and to develop ourselves with positive marketing activities.

 ►Guangzhou – The Largest Market Demand Area of Food Machinery & Packaging

Guangdong, a large province of economy, food production and consumption, which the food industry output reaches CNY 280 billion, an average annual growth of 12%, to bond with its neighboring provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan and Hainan, they occupied quarter of the total output value in the industry. Guangdong province and Guangzhou city have 120 thousand food production factories, which are located in or near the suburban of Guangzhou. CIFE exhibition is a food industry event with about 800 exhibitors, which apart from the same industry exhibitors and the remaining are all potential customers of CHINA CMPE exhibitors.

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